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Update on London Road

by Richard Samuel on 24 May, 2018

By now works have restarted on the Walcot Terrace lay-bye and will be followed by the works to the cycle lane. After much pressure from me Cllr Mark Shelford has agreed to complete the paving works at Anglo Terrace left over from the 2014 scheme and never completed. I hope the damaged paving outside Dominos will be reinstated at the contractor’s cost following utility works at the same time. I am pleased the damaged Cleveland Lodge was repaired so quickly – it looks as good as new. Well done B&NES. However I do think some more effective barriers are needed around the columns if we are to avoid a future repetition of last year’s damage. It is still possible to drive onto the pavement and this must be stopped.

Word is that I will hear what is proposed for the planters in mid June. I suspect the Council will at least want to move the one by Snow Hill. However I would like all the planters retained if possible in their present locations.

Last week with the London Road and Snow Partnership we carried out a bit of guerrilla gardening and weeded 3 of the planters. I took 8 bags of weeds to the tip. We also planted a tree to replace one of the ones pulled up by the Council. It was amazing how well the planters looked after only a bit of maintenance. Only 5 more to go! As I think the Council has been pretty useless at keeping the planters maintained I now wonder if there is a way of maintaining them in the community.

Watch this space.

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