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Bath and North East Somerset ward boundary review.

by Richard Samuel on 16 May, 2018

This saga has been in progress since last year after the Council decided to reduce the number of councillors to 59 from 65. The Local Government Boundary Commission has just produced its latest plans for Bath City. They can be viewed at


There is also a map which can be viewed better on the Commission web site as you can zoom in.

This is the third set of plans for the new wards in the city to be produced. The second version was such a mess that it led to extensive protests across the city and a rethink.

For Walcot the plans at last show some sense. The proposed new ward will still lose the Bathwick estate south of the river but will gain roads across to Lansdown Road and down to the Paragon as well as taking in Walcot Street. This was pretty much the proposal I put to the Commission in November. The new ward will no longer take in part of Larkhall around St Saviours which was a silly proposal. This remains in the new Lambridge ward.  There is a little bit of tweaking around the edges of the new ward needed which I am going to suggest but otherwise I think it is acceptable. Camden in particular is now covered by one ward as well as the London Road and Snow Hill area. The rest of the ward is made up of the lower part of Fairfield Park as it has done since 1995 when the Council was formed.

If anyone wishes to submit any further comments you have until 11th June to do so. The final version will be announced on 7th August in time for the Council to begin preparing for the 2019 elections when the new ward boundaries will be used.

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