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Plantergate – the saga continues

by Richard Samuel on 14 April, 2018

Readers will know that the argument being used by the Council to move the London Road planters is that they create a highway safety hazard because they were located in sight lines at the junctions of Weymouth St, Bedford St, and Snow Hill.

Yesterday I decided to test this for myself and take photographs at exactly the position a car driver would be in if waiting to turn at one of these junctions.Well surprise surprise you can actually see quite a long way along London Road. The only planter that is a bit too close to the sight line is the one at the junction of Snow Hill and I have told that was because Ripples wanted it opositioned there.

So why is this expensive and unnnecessary scheme being pursued by the Council? I don’t really know as all I am getting is obfuscation when I ask questions. It’s time for answers from Councillor Shelford.

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