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Riverside Youth Centre

by Richard Samuel on 12 April, 2018

In 2017 the Tory controlled council decided to cut the funds for youth services and that cut is introduced in September this year. The Tories have been working on plans to privatise the service and have been hoping that they can persuade local community organisations to take over the running of the youth centres from the council. Unfortunately Riverside Youth Centre is one of those centres being targeted by the Tories for cuts.

We are now less than five months away from the implementation date and still there is insufficient detail about what is going to happen.

Councillor Alison Millar and I asked a series of questions at the Cabinet yesterday to try and flush out what is happening. I also invited Councillor Paul May to attend the public meeting to be held at 6 30pm on Monday at Riverside to explain the council’s plans.

I think Councillor May is probably sympathetic to the needs of young people in the north of the city but is a hostage to the decisions taken last year by his group.

The picture has also been muddied by the claim that the Riverside is worth three million pounds and might be sold for development. I think this would be a shocking decision if taken and must be resisted. The building was originally built in the war by the Ministry of Food to provide food and meals for residents facing hardship or who had lost their homes. It has been altered over the years but it is a community facility and not for sale.

We must ensure that the vital work with young people that the youth service and its partners undertakes must continue and the cuts must not be allowed to happen.

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